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How can reflexology help you?

Reflexology may help your body to harness its own natural healing abilities.   Most people find it deeply relaxing and this promotes well-being at every level: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.

It is a suitable treatment for most people of all ages, from small babies to the elderly, and may be helpful whether you are well or unwell.  Reflexology is an enjoyable way of helping the body maintain good health.

It helps support speedy recovery from everyday illnesses and may also help relieve the symptoms of many long term conditions.  Your reflexologist will design a treatment session to address your own particular needs.

When I was doing treatments I used  luxurious organic lotions by Neal's Yard - a treat for both me and my client! You can buy these creams and lotions for yourself, either from me personally or direct from my Neal's Yard website.

Stressed out? Reflexology is a wonderful anti-stress treatment. Many of us these days are very busy people, juggling our lives. Reflexology can help to relieve physical and mental stress, encourage healthy sleep patterns and re-balance your energy.

A single treatment can often help relieve stress-related symptoms such as indigestion, anxiety, headaches, eyestrain, muscle tension and back-ache. With regular treatments the symptoms may disappear altogether!

Reflexology can also help you gain awareness of stresses and imbalances which can then be addressed by routine or lifestyle changes.

Troubled by persistent symptoms? In my experience reflexology may help alleviate the symptoms of many common conditions. Some examples are:

  • joint pains and stiffness

  • tense neck and shoulders

  • back-ache

  • digestive disorders 

  • sinus problems

  • allergic reactions

  • skin conditions

  • stress and anxiety

  • tiredness

  • headaches

  • pre-menstrual symptoms

  • hormone-related imbalances

  • fertility issues 

Give your body a boost!  Reflexology is thought to encourage good circulation, help maintain a healthy immune system and promote a feeling of relaxation and well-being.  It is often recommended as a very effective support to women experiencing hormonal changes, for instance during and after pregnancy or menopause. 

Remember: you don't have be unwell to benefit from reflexology!   Regular treatments can provide an excellent all-year-round support to your health maintenance programme.

Move towards the life you want.   Starting a course of reflexology treatments can sometimes act as a catalyst for making lifestyle changes.   Several clients who have come to me for reflexology and Reiki have found that as their health, well-being and self-esteem improved, so new opportunities began to occur.  

When our bodies are relaxed and in balance, our minds are freed up to think more creatively and open up to new possibilities.  This shift may manifest as feeling able to make those overdue changes; re-connecting with our spiritual selves; or simply finding it easier to cope with everyday challenges.

Please note that reflexology is a complementary treatment, not an alternative to medical attention where that is appropriate. Reflexology can work well alongside conventional medicine in many cases.

I am no longer taking new clients but for reflexology in the Frome area I can recommend Kyla Treanor on 01373 462098.

For more information about treatments and reflexology training you can contact the Association of Reflexologists.